Sir Robert de Beauchamp
        + Spouse Unknown

Hugues de Beauchamp
        + Spouse Unknown

Walter de Beauchamp
        + Emiline Abbott

Sir Hugues de Beauchamp
        + Matilda Taillebois

Walter de Beauchamp
        + Emmeline D’Abitot

Sir William de Beauchamp
        Maud de Braose

 Sir William de Beauchamp
        + Joan De Waleries

 Sir Walter de Beauchamp
        +Bertha DeBraose

Sir Walter de Beauchamp
        + Joane de Mortimer

Sir William de Beauchamp
        + Lady Isabel Mauduit

Sir William de Beauchamp
        + Maud FitzGoeffrey

Sir Guy de Beauchamp
        + Lady Alice de Toni

Sir Thomas de Beauchamp
        + Lady Katherine de Mortimer

John Torrell
        + Catherine Beauchamp

John Torrell
        + Unknown

Jeffrey Battel
       + Christian Terrell

William Battell
       + Spouse Unknown

John Battel
       + Unknown Rockford

John Battell
       + Elizabeth Ennefield

Thomas Bataile
       + Alianore Ondeby

John Bataile I
       + Spouse Unknown

John Bataile II
       + Spouse Unknown

Richard Battaile
       + Elizabeth Unknown

 Wyllm Battell
       + Catheryn Heman

William Battle
       + Margaret Dukes

Matthew Battle
       + Anne Unknown

John Battle I
       + Margaret Sowersby

John Battle II
       + Mary Warden

John Battle III
       + Sarah Capell

William Noel Battles
       + Elizabeth Hooper

Nelson Battles
       + Rhoda Winton

 Martha Battles
       + Raleigh Battles

Mary Ann Battles
       + Never Married

George Washington Battles
       + Nora Beatrice McCrickard

Richard Eugene Battles
       + Evelyn Juanita Wicks

 Bobby Lee Battles

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