It really is like a box of chocolates…

I love this video. It is one of the reasons why I finally did my Ancestry DNA test. One of the many reasons why I think everyone should have their DNA tested.


I absolutely love all the DNA ads. Now my most favorite is where the lady says I thought I married an Italian.

Bobby and I could do this ad with him stating I thought I married a little Irish girl. With the maiden surname of O’Quinn, what else would he think?

My Grandpapa Sidney Edward O’Quinn married a little Irish girl too. Grandmama was a Kennedy and her momma was a Riley. Lots of Irish heritage. Of course, I expected lots of Irish DNA.



“I would see what is above”

Even so no matter where we were stationed I was most always mistaken for Asian (far east not central or south). Possibly because of my size and bone structure.

In all these many hours and years of research I have never found a family connection to any Far East Asian country.

Not even a trace of Asian DNA was found! Asian DNA was supposed to be the surprise that showed up. Instead my big surprise was very little Irish DNA.

So, I guess you could say my Ethnicity was not exactly what I expected.

I am:

58% Europe West. That covers Belgium, France and Germany. In my case, at least in part, possibly because of my Great-grandmama Mary Josephine Holt Latham. Her ancestors were German and even go back to Prussia. One of my cousins has a wonderful old portrait of Mary Josephine. You can easily see the German heritage in her face.

16% Scandinavia. This covers Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Maybe this is where I get my fair skin. I always thought that was thanks to all my Irish DNA…

12% Ireland. This one is easy. My 5great-grandpapa Alexander Bryant O’Quinn was born in County Clare. And his ancestors had been in Ireland forever.

7% Great Brittain. This covers England, Scotland and Wales. This will possibly be in part from my Elder William Brittain and Rosanna Wright families.

6% Iberian Peninsula. This covers Spain and Portugal. This one also seems easy. My 4great-grandmama Maria de la Concepcion Perez. Her family goes back many generations in Spain and the Canary Islands.

1% Native American. This covers, North, South and Central America. Even though family lore states/insists it is there, I have yet to find any Native American heritage in my way too many years to admit to research. In other words – I got nothing.

Happy St Patrick’s Day, everyone!!

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