I should have been telling everyone here, as I do with one on one contact, one newly found document can change everything. A new collaboration can change everything. New understanding of a document found years ago can change everything.

Now for all the people who requested all my sources on my Latham/Pilgrim connection: My sources back to John Latham and Mary Susan Andrews are the usual and easy sources. Family Bibles. Marriage records. Birth records. Death records. Cemetery records. Census records. Church records. Property/land documents. Tax records. Military records. Pension records. Will/estate divisions. Probate and other court documents.

I connect this John Latham to John Latham and Susannah Henderson and then on back to James Chilton with the much appreciated help of a Cornelius Latham descendent in possession of a Family Bible filled with many treasures of info. Plus, all the usual and easy sources.

Could all this change? Absolutely! Well, at least the part that connects me to John Latham and Susannah Henderson and on back. If/when that happens I will simply edit this post. Not like I haven’t done that before!


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