My Connection to President/General George Washington…

Starting with my Grandmother:
Annie Elizabeth Lane Brittain was born 6 August 1892 In Shelby County Texas. She married William Pearl Latham 16 October 1910 In Shelby County. Annie and Pearl had five children. They divorced in 1944. Pearl remarried almost immediately. Annie never did. According to Annie she was named for her Grandmother Elizabeth Ann Haley and Colonel Walter P. Lane. Annie’s father, Thomas Franklin Brittain served in Lane’s Calvary under Colonel Lane. Annie died 1 May 1982, still in Shelby County. I miss her every day.


Annie Elizabeth Lane Brittain – on her wedding day in wedding dress she made

Thomas Franklin Brittain was born 14 December 1843. He died 30 October 1922. Thomas was a farmer and a well-respected lifelong resident Of Shelby County. Sadly, Thomas buried three wives. He and first wife Willie V. Biggs married about 1863. They had at least six children. Family lore states Willie died shortly after their youngest was born in 1878. By 1880 Thomas had married Sarah Addie Biggs, younger sister of Willie. Thomas and Sarah had at least 5 children, including my Grandmama Annie. Sarah Addie died in February 1901. On 25 November 1901 Thomas married Marilla Taylor a thirty years’ younger widow. Marilla already had at least one child; she and Thomas did not have more children. Marilla died 24 February 1922.

River Tom

Thomas Franklin Brittain

Williams Martin Brittain was born in 1812 in Surry County North Carolina. Williams arrived in Shelby County Texas 18 January 1837. On 3 August 1838 he was approved for a Class 2 Land Certificate for 640 acres in Shelby County. Williams given name is his Grandmother’s maiden name, a tradition in his Mother’s family. He married Elizabeth Ann Haley in 1842. They had at least ten children. Plus, they took in Elizabeth’s two youngest brothers after her parents passed. Williams died 13 March 1889. Elizabeth died 2 February 1901.

Rosanna Wright was born in 1782 in Surry County North Carolina. On 15 May 1802 in Surry County she married William Martin Brittain. Rosanna and Elder William (along with their married children, their grandchildren, some of Rosanna’s siblings, cousins and others) left Surry County headed for Texas. By 1824 they were in Madison County Alabama. By September 1827 they were in Pulaski County Arkansas. Almost ten years later they arrived in Shelby County Texas, on 18 January 1837. Rosanna and Elder William along with six sons, three daughters, three sons-in-law, two daughters-in-law and several grandchildren crossed the Sabine River on the John Latham Ferry. Rosanna and Elder William had at least nine children. Rosanna died 29 October 1856. Elder William on 16 September 1850.

Rosanna Wright

Rosanna Wright

Captain John Wright III was born 30 October 1731 in Fauquier County Virginia. John served in the Revolutionary War. As a boy he was acquainted with John Marshall, the 4
th Chief Justice. John married Ann Williams in 1753 in Virginia. They had at least eighteen children. After John passed Ann remarried and had at least two more children. John died 29 October 1789 in Surry County North Carolina. John left Rosanna 160 acres in his Will.

Captain John Wright II was born about 1707 in Westmoreland County Virginia. John was a Gentleman Farmer, Vestryman, County Officer, Lawyer and Judge. His title of Captain is from his training and service in the Virginia Militia. John married Elizabeth Bronough, a widow, about 1730. They had at least six children. John died 27 February 1792 In Fauquier County Virginia. At this point John had lived longer than any of his Wright ancestors. He saw the reign of three kings, one queen and a president. He was proud of his English heritage. But also extremely proud that he had lived to see his second cousin become the first president of the first true republic in the entire world.  

John Wright I was born 25 February 1685 in Westmoreland County Virginia. The Wright family can trace their ancestry back to the Barons who met with King John in 1215 to sign the Magna Carta. John was a Lawyer, Surveyor, Vestryman, Sheriff’s Deputy and Judge. He was also a Gentleman Farmer, although he was said to be a better sportsman than farmer. John married Dorothy Aubrey in 1706 in Westmoreland County. It is believed they had only two children. John died 28 May 1738 in Prince William County Virginia.

Anne Pope Washington was born in September 1660 in Westmoreland County Virginia. Anne married Major Francis Wright in 1682 in Richmond County Virginia. They had only two children. Anne died very young, on 11 March 1697. Her surviving husband and children were named in the Will of her brother Captain Lawrence Washington.

Captain Lawrence Washington is the Grandfather of President George Washington. His son Captain Augustine Washington is the father of President George Washington.

Which makes President George Washington my 2nd cousin 7 times removed!

president washington.1

President George Washington


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