I have 1940 Census info overload…

It’s all good though. I finally found Leona!

The Census are an amazing source of information. With a little luck and a lot of long hours you can follow your ancestry through every available Census.

Through the Census we find where long ago grandparents immigrated from. How many pregnancies a grandmother had, and how many of those children were living. You might even find a distant aunt was married and had her first child by the time she was fifteen.

Though the Census we often find young siblings being raised by an older and married sibling. Because their parents had died much too young.

Through following the Census we easily see many people, in every state, married to cousins.

Through the Census we see that neighbors packed up together and went looking for a better life. Such long journeys, that took years to complete.

Through the Census we see so many occupations. Many were farmers. They’d work 60, 70 and 80 hours a week. And brought their children up to work the farm with them.

But sometimes they were merchants. Maybe tie makers. Waitresses and cooks. Preachers who headed west and helped establish Churches along the way. Door to door salesmen. Carpenters and painters. Coal miners and oil field workers. Truck drivers for state highway departments. Medical professionals. The list is endless.

Through the Census we find ancestors who served in the Military. Patriots answering the call to duty. Sometimes never making it back home. Dying on the battlefield. Or dying because diseases we’ve only read about spread like wildfire through the primitive military camps.

Through the Census we learn who could read and write. What grade level of school they completed.

Through the Census we learn how much property was owned or rented. The value of their owned property.

So much information to be found.

Leona and Blackie circa 1940

Leona and Blackie circa 1940

And through the 1940 Census I finally found Leona.

Mary Leona McIntosh was born 8 December 1916 and died 22 July 1993. The daughter of Ed McIntosh and Virdie Veller Fancher. Leona is buried in Gann Cemetery at the O’Quinn Baptist Church in Angelina County, Texas.

Leona is the first wife of my Daddy – Ottis Brittain O’Quinn (Blackie). I found Blackie and Leona living with her step-father Otis Bartel Reed, her mother and younger sister in Angelina County. Leona was working as a waitress. Blackie as a truck driver in the road building industry. Leona completed 10th grade. Blackie completed 7th grade.

At this point in time I do not appear to have any more siblings…


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