Descendants of Adeline Eugenia Bundrum and Samuel Alonzo Wicks

Adeline Eugenia Bundrum– was born 16 June 1877 in Paulding County, Georgia. She died 22 February 1961. She married Samuel Alonzo Wicks 24 November 1895 in Haralson County, Georgia, son of Isaac Wix II and Melinda Cole. He was born 8 October 1875 in Georgia. He died 7 September 1941 in Jefferson County, Alabama.

Adeline Eugenia Bundrum

Adeline Eugenia Bundrum

Aunt Willie (Willie Olivia Wicks Entrekin) remembers Addie being slender, without an extra ounce of fat. And that she wore her mostly gray, salt and pepper, hair in a bun on the back of her head. Addie would visit the family for a week at a time during the summer. When she did visit she helped out with all the chores and housework.

Addie lived with her daughter and son-in-law Hethie and Johnny Praytor during the last two decades of her life. She helped to raise their two daughters.

Family lore states Addie was raised near Little River Canyon in DeKalb County Alabama.

Samuel was a happy, fun-loving man who liked to tease his sons. And as with most of the Wicks family he was not very tall.

Samuel and Addie are found on the 1900 Shelby Alabama Census, the 1910 Cullman Alabama Census and the 1920 Etowah Alabama Census.

Adeline Eugenia Bundrum and Samuel Alonzo Wicks

Adeline Eugenia Bundrum and Samuel Alonzo Wicks

Children of Adeline Eugenia Bundrum and Samuel Alonzo Wicks:

1. James William Wicks was born 22 August 1897 in Baldwin County, Alabama.  He died 16  June 1973 in Etowah County, Alabama. Bill married Ida Cassandra Smith, 5 December 1920 in Etowah County, Alabama. Cassie was born 13 August 1900 in St Clair County, Alabama and died 29 December 1960 in Blount County, Alabama. Cassie is the daughter of William John Smith and Mary Augusta Marker.

Ida Cassandra Smith and James William Wicks

Ida Cassandra Smith and James William Wicks

Bill and Cassie had ten children.

Bill attended Etowah High School through the 10th grade, participating in the Young Farmers Organization, and won prizes for his crops.

Bill was a PFC in the Army 20 July 1918 – 22 May 1919. He completed his Basic Training for duty in WWI, but the war ended before he was sent overseas.

After WWI, Bill worked for the Alabama Great Southern Railroad for a while. Later on he started farming, which he did for the remainder of his life.

Bill and Cassie are found on the 1930 Jefferson Alabama Census.

2. Mary Lou Ethel Wicks was born November 1898 in Cullman County, Alabama. She died 24 January 1962 in Etowah County, Alabama. Ethel married 1st Russell S. Saffels, born 10 May 1887, died 26 October 1918. Ethel married 2nd Earl Lee MacElroy

Ethel and Russell had three children.

Ethel and Earl Lee had seven children.

Ethel is found on the 1920 Etowah Alabama Census as a 21 year old widow, living with her parents.

3. Dessie Olivia Wicks was born 16 March 1901 in Cullman County, Alabama. Dessie married Israel Isaiah Brothers. Bay was born 22 November 1896 and died 26 January 1976.

Dessie was murdered by her husband 24 February 1937. The murder was witnessed by their son Winfred and possibly by the other children. Bay served time in prison for the murder.

4. Alonzo M. Wicks was born 19 December 1900 in Cullman County, Alabama. He died 29 June 1974 in Jefferson County, Alabama. Lonnie married Mary Jane Hicks.

5. Hiram Wesley Wicks was born 19 January 1903 in DeKalb County, Alabama. He died 25 December 1991. Hiram married Alice C. Cowart, born about 1908 and died 9 January 1994. Alice is the daughter of Stephen Arthur Cowart and Sophie Johnson.

Hiram Wesley Wicks and Alice C. Cowart

Hiram Wesley Wicks and Alice C. Cowart

Hiram and Alice had seven children.

6. Hester Wicks was born 27 March 1909 in Cullman County, Alabama. She died December 1986 in Cullman County, Alabama. Hethie married Johnny Praytor.

Hethie and Johnny had five children.

7. Isaac Charles Wicks was born about 1911 in Cullman County, Alabama. He died December 1982. Ike married Jessie Mae Heaton.

Isaac Charles Wicks

Isaac Charles Wicks

Ike was shot in the stomach by a policeman friend while the friend was demonstrating his “quick draw”. He was never quite well after that.

8. Bertha Wicks was born about 1914 in Cullman County, Alabama. She died before 1998. Bertha married Olen Peoples. Olen was born 9 April 1918 and died in May 1974.

Bertha and Olen had three children.

Bertha and Elsie are twins.

9. Elsie Wicks was born about 1914 in Cullman County, Alabama. Elsie married Floyd Cox.

Elsie and Floyd had two children.

Elsie and Bertha are twins

10. Ruth Wicks was born 15 October 1915 and died February 1994. Ruth married Darrell C. Tucker. Darrell was born about 1912. Darrell is the son of Earle C. Tucker and Margaret Unknown.

Ruth and Darrell had three children.

11. Samuel Patrick Wicks was born 17 March 1919 in Cullman County, Alabama. He died January 1981. Patrick married 1st Dorothy Mae Looney, born June 1919 and died 2 September 1951. Patrick married 2nd Lucille Bullard.

Patrick and Dorothy Mae had 5 children.

Samuel Patrick Wicks

Samuel Patrick Wicks

12. Edward Joseph Wicks was born 2 August 1922 in Jefferson County, Alabama. He died 13 June 2000 in Jefferson County. Edward married Velma Irene Bullock 11 September 1943. Velma was born 6 September 1922 in Jefferson County and died 16 September 2004.


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