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Found in the Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta Georgia, dated 22 August 1887:

A Brother Who Sold Provisions To A Revenue Officer

A good story comes from Paulding County.

Some time ago while Deputy Marshal Abercrombie, and one or two other Revenue Officers were on the lookout for illicit distilleries they, strangely enough, managed to get hungry, and one of the men was sent to the nearest house for provisions. The messenger went to the house and got his rations, paid the amount asked and returned to his confreres without, of course, letting anybody know his business.

The residence was that of James Bundrum. Mr. Bundrum is one of the leading men of the neighborhood and has always been a shining light in the New Georgia Baptist Church. He shines in that capacity no longer. In some way the fact that he sold provisions to the ‘revenues’ became known and he was promptly arraigned before the church. A heated discussion followed, in the course of which at least one man declared that no honest man would furnish anything to eat to a Deputy Marshal or a Deputy Collector. Mr. Bundrum acknowledged having sold food to a man who called for it, and said that if his brethren wanted to turn him out, they could do so.

And they did — at least that is the story told by the Revenue Officers.

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